Volunteers to donate over 3,000 packages to lonely and vulnerable people on Christmas

We all love winter holidays but for some of us, they are the loneliest days of the year. Moreover, some people cannot afford to buy food and decorations to celebrate.

Some people love to volunteer and help vulnerable people, and such is the Magic People association, which helps the elderly who are lonely and cannot afford a joyful Christmas. The association has helped every year, since 2010 lonely people. For example, in 2010 they have managed to get 50 packages of gifts to people, and by 2016 the packages they have donated reached 2,500 packages.

This year volunteers are hoping to raise 3,000 packages of food which they will donate to the elderly in four counties :Cluj, Mures, Alba and Salaj. The association is still waiting for donations. You can donate 1 liter of oil, one kilogram of flour, one kilogram of sugar, one bag of pasta and one Christmas cake,



the association facebook page: nepoti de craciun







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