Cluj Cancer Centre receives European recognition

Ion Chiricuta Oncological Institute has been accredited by the Organisation of European Cancer Institutes and has received the name of Clinical Cancer Center. The fact that the institute was recognized is a first in Romania.

Dr. Patriciu Achimas-Cadariu, the director of the institution says that through receiving this name, the institution receives the recognition that it fulfills all the standards for a cancer institute in Europe.The OECI has been founded by the most important institutes from France, Netherlands, Italy, Great Britain, and German. These institutes have very high requirements and the recognition of the Cluj center on a European level means that they have recognized their high standards.

The medical staff has been working hard for 10 years for this title and the process of accreditation took 2 years. The center was created in 1929 and it was renovated in the 1960’s by doctor Chiricuta. The process of accreditation includes application, auto-evaluation, evaluation from the commission, results, confirmation plan and receiving the title.

The title has been given based on the quality of medical service and on the rate of survival of treated patients, which according to statistics it is at the same level of other cancer centers across Europe.



source: transylvaniareporter







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