Cluj researchers invent drink which helps in the treatment of digestive diseases


The Cluj researchers have invented a healthy drink to aid in the treatment of digestive diseases. The drink is made of fruit peels and vegetables.

According to doctors fruit and vegetable peels are very rich in minerals and vitamins and it is a pity to throw them away. The juice that was invented by the doctors was made out of apple peels and carrots. These have been dried and ground to make the juice. The doctors have also created other juice made from grapes and beets.

The researchers have worked for three years to obtain the perfect formula. However, this is not a simple juice because it also contains an essential element- probiotics.

Dan Vodnar, one of the researchers said that the role of the juice is to transport these microorganisms to the body. Once a person ingests these, they reach the intestine and then they start to work. The product can be used by people with an irritable intestine syndrome because the juice regulates the flora which means the information from the intestine is reduced.

The juice has been already tested on patients and it can be bought only online from the Cluj Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine University.









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