Romanian of Hungarian ethnicity runs marathon in honour of Romanian National Day

A Romanian sportsman with Hungarian ethnicity has decided to celebrate the Romanian National Day by running a marathon from Aiud to Alba Iulia. Polgar Levente has encouraged people on Facebook to come join him as he will run for 33 kilometers. He noted

This is a friendly invite, there are no medals or diplomas. maybe hot tea. It is very important to respect the traffic regulations!


Everyone is invited to come, people were invited to join him from any location they can. The marathon starts from the Bethlen Gabor parking where the usual Aiud Marathon starts. The man will run with a Romanian flag who was sent by a friend from Oradea. The runner has invited other people to come with a flag if they have one.

Polgar has run many times in honour of the National Day. He said about his ethnicity:
Through my gesture, I want to send out a message of peace, of unity amongst ethnicities, of living together in harmony. We are not interested in hate. I carry with me two ethnicities. We do not have problems here in Transylvania of being a Romanian or Hungarian. These are just stories, he get along with each other and we live well together.

Polgar Levent has also run in the past in honour of soldiers who lost their lives defending the country. In 2016 he has established a national record by running 1,011 kilometers in 14 days.


source: agerpres







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