Romanian students win four gold medals at the International IT competition in Bulgaria

As usual, Romanian students are winning medals to any competition they go to. This time, the Romanian national team has won several medals at the IT international competition in Shumen, Bulgaria.

The students have won four gold medals in the seniors category. The winners are Costin-Andrei Oncescu, from the Dinicu Golescu National College from Campulung Muscel, Andrei Popa from the Mihail Kogalniceanu Theoretical Highschool from Vaslui, Alex Tatomir from the Nicolae Balcescu national college in Braila and Stefan Constating-Buliga from the Tudor Vianu IT National College from Bucharest.

The bronze medals were won in the juniors category and the winners are Daniel-Stefan Boni from the IT international highschool from Constanta, Tudor-Gabriel Mocioi frm the Tudor Vianu IT national college in Bucharest and Albert-Antoniu Greaca from the IT international theoretical highschool in Bucharest. All students were coached by teachers Marius Nicoli from Fratii Buzesti national college in Craiova, Adrian Panaete from August Treboniu Laurian national college in Botosani and by students Lucian Bicsi and Teodor Stelian Ionescu.

The star of the competition is Alex Tatomir who has so far won several medals at different international competitions. He now has 5 gold medals, two silver medals and bronze medals.


source: greatnews







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