The amazing Loredana Toma has won 3 gold medals at the World Weightlifting competition

Romanian sportswoman Loredana Toma has taken the Wolrd weight championships by storm. She has managed to win not one, but three gold medals.

Te last time Romania has won a medal was in 2011 when Roxana Cocos has won the bronze. The last World Title was secured by Valeriu Calancea in 2003.

This year at the championships, Loredana Toma has won at the snatch category, with 109 kilograms, beating Maude Charron from Canada, with 102 kilograms, Lina Marcela Rias Ordonez with 101 kilograms and Madalina-Bianca Molie with 87 kilograms.

In the throwing category, Loredana Toma has beaten Rattanawan Wamalun, from Thailand with 127 kilograms and Lina Marcela Rivas Ordonez with 124 kilograms. In total Toma has won the gold with 237 kilograms, Lina Marcela Rivas Ordonez from Columbia has won the silver with 225 kilograms, and Mercedes Isabel Perez Tigrero from Columbia has won the bronze medal with 225 kilograms.







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