Romanian team participates in the Atlantic Rally to raise money for children with autism

Eight Romanians have set sails with the purpose of raising money which will help support treatment for children with autism.

Aurelian Bazgu, Adrian Virlan, Razvan Neagu, Sorin Sanda, Daniel Durigo, Daniela Bololoi, Eugen Radan and Tiberiu Duma are traveling for 5,200 kilometers. The team is participating in the Atlantic Rally for Cruisers regatta and they are hoping to raise money for 500 children who will benefit from 2,700 hours of therapy. The treatment will be offered by the Help Autism Association.

The Romanian team is sailing on a ship called Andrew and they go from Gran Canaria to Santa Lucia. Already the team has traveled 900 miles and has managed to raise money for 1,050 hours of therapy.



source: romania







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