Volunteers build a new house for 83-year-old lady living in a run down house

An 83-year-old woman who lives in a fallen down house ready to collapse is due to be moved into a new house thanks to a group of bikers.

The woman lives in a house made of clay and straws and the house is quite fragile and close to collapse. A group of bikers who found out about her have launched an appeal for help and many volunteers have come to help build a new house.

One of the bikers said that the roof of the house is broken and it is raining inside. As well, one of the room’s floor has collapsed in the basement with everything that was inside it. Another room does not have windows, but only a foil and some wooden and boards. As well, for heating, the lady uses some sort of improvised fireplace.

The woman’s name is Rozalia Tamas and she lives in Sacamas village, Illia commune, Hunedoara county.

The bikers note that when they visited ms Tamas, the volunteers have discovered that there were some blocks of BCA for building a house in her garden. Her son left those there with the purpose of building the house, however, he gave up. He also left the country and his mother has not heard of him since then.

The volunteers have started building the house and they are hoping to finish it until Christmas. While the group has started the construction, they still need construction materials for the roof, some windows, a door, a fireplace and more volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering or helping, the bikers have set up a page on Facebook



source: greatnews.ro







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