Mobile Dental Clinic charity launched by two Romanian women

Two Romanian women have founded a mobile dental cabinet for children living in villages where they don’t have access to a dental cabinet. Alina and Daniela have created the Merciluta Fairy Cabinet which travels from village to village helping children with their dental problems.

According to Pro TV many children in isolated villages do not know how to clean their teeth and they have never had access to a dental cabinet or visited a dentist.  Some of them have their first consultation in their life when the cabinet comes. Many families cannot afford to take their children to a dentist and for some, it is almost impossible to travel to the city.

Doctor Asma Battah stated that not caring about their teeth is due to lack of education. If parents don’t brush their teeth, children won’t.

Alina stated that over 70% of children over 12 years old in Romania have cavities and last year schools only had 430 dental offices, which means there is one office for 7,000 children. For five years since this association has been created, Alina has convinced a few doctors to treat children for free. Since then, she has been transporting children from oncological hospitals to doctors. The problem with their cabinet is that even though it has all the dental devices it needs, the law does not allow them to be used in a mobile cabinet. The women have now initiated a petition through which mobile dental cabinets can fully function.

They are not helping only children with dental problems, though. In Cund village they have helped children by repairing the school form donated money. The school’s principal said that they have painted the school, they brought new furniture and they have fixed the electrical wires. More than that, they brought computers. Seven students are receiving a scholarship so they can study at the local high school. This means they receive money for transport, food, housing and schools supplies.

The association survives from the clothes that Alina creates and sells online. Alina is a choreographer and Daniela works at the university as an assistant professor.





source: pro tv

The Merciluta cabinet Facebook page

Sign here for the petition to allow fully functional mobile dental cabinets







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