This young Romanian has become the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in India

Tudor Marchis from Cluj is a 30-year-old man who has managed to build his own successful company and to become the CEO of one of the most successful businesses in India.

But how would a Romanian end up as a CEO in India? According to Adevarul newspaper, Marchis used to work in IT and he used to be a football coach in Romania.  Afterwards, he worked with a company which started a partnership with India which means he had to travel there. He was quite successful in managing the business and he quickly rose in the company.

The company called Thermo Control is a Euro-Indian partnership which was bought by Embassy Group. What he loved about the company was the fact that he was given freedom to manage it freely. When asked about what he thought about India, Tudor Marchis said that it is a completely different culture from Europe. He noted that to adapt in India you need to accept their way of life and to not judge them and to not move there with a European state of mind. Overall, he stated that he loves it there.

Adevarul newspaper stated that Marchis has become CEO thanks to his leadership style. For example, he noted that first of all people need to be paid proper money. Then, he tries to avoid pointless meetings, and when he holds them they are short and have a purpose. Moreover, he is fair and appreciates honest people.



source: adevarul






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