Romanian woman elected as local councillor in a UK town

A Romanian woman from Marasesti, Vrancea county has been elected councillor in Cholsey, United Kingdom. Valerica Artene is 44 years old and is originally from Marasesti, Vrancea county.

The woman will soon start her job in the little town of Cholsey, which is located 18 kilometers from Oxford. Valerica is the only Romanian in the region that has British citizenship. She owns a little barbershop where she hired three Romanians. According to all neighbors visit her shop once a month.

The woman was invited to one of the town meetings and she was asked to represent them. They told her that she is young and has business skills so they asked her to help them in running the local community. The woman has accepted. In the British system, the mayor is a political representative, however, the local councillors are elected by the community.

She is not paid though, as it is mostly a volunteering activity. Valerica will be a councilor for four years along with other nine members. She is the only person of a different nationality in the local council.









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