Hundreds of carol singers to perform on the streets of Timisoara

Christmas is coming and the lovely Romanian traditions are starting to take place. These days in if you are visiting or living in Timisoara you are in for a special treat.

Hundreds of carol singers ( around 350!) are going to march through the city and sing and dance traditional dances such as The Goat and The Drummers. According to carolers from Romanian counties such as Timis and Caras Severin and countries such as Serbia will bring joy to the streets of Timisoara.

The carolers will start their march on 18th of December from the Art and Culture center in Timis and then they will have a show in front of the Opera and then in front of the Administrative palace. Archaic carols such as the ” calusaru” or “batuta” will be performed by folkloric musical bands from Pietroasa, Curtea, Margina, Romanesti and Giroc, Boldur, Costeiu and Buzias.


source: opiniatimisoarei






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