Romanian students reach the finals of the NASA competition

Seven Romanian students have reached the finals of the Zero Robotics competition. The competition is organized every year by NASA in collaboration with the European Space Agency and the Technological Institute of Massachusetts. The competition focuses on programming SPHERES robots, which are experimental satellites which are currently on board of the International Space Agency.

The Romanian team is formed of students from the 10th grade. It is the first time they participate in this competition and it is the first time for such a young team to reach the finals.  The competition has started online where students had to program SPHERES robots and to solve a problem which was proposed by the organizers.

The students were coached by professors Ioana Stoica, who teaches at Tudor Vianu national college. She stated that there is a lot of work and that students have prepared for this competition for years. The team is formed of students that have won many Olympiads in math, Physics and IT. The students said that they have worked hard for these results. They have written the code every day for a few hours.

The competition will end on 10-12 January in Torino, Italy, when an astronaut from the ISS board will lead in micro gravitation conditions the robot competition.


source: goodnews









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