Volunteers hand out soup to homeless people in Bucharest

Several volunteers have served hot meals and gave away clothes and other essential objects to homeless people and poor people in Bucharest.

The event took place on December 13, 2017 at the Gara de Nord and it was called ” Christmas Soup”. This is the 5th year the give away was organized and the British ambassador Paul Brummell has participated with a group of volunteers. The participants noted that they were happy to take part in this project and that it is very motivating to see many people that come to volunteer and serve soup and it is also great how many private companies are willing to help.

Paul Brummell said that he is pleased that many employees that work for the British embassy have participated in this event and that it is important to show that poverty is the product of inequality.

The event was organized by the British and American embassy, by Casa Ioana Association and the Intercontinental Hotel.



source: romania pozitiva







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