” I baked a cozonac. When do I get my citizenship?” -British deputy head of British embassy in Romania

The British vice ambassador in Romania is hoping to receive the Romanian citizenship after cooking a cozonac Romanian cake. Adam Sambrook has published recently a photo of a cozonac cake on Twitter in which he stated

I have a Romanian wife, I live in Bucharest, now I baked a cozonac. When do I get the citizenship.

His followers enjoyed the posting and some of them asked him what the cozonac tastes like to whichMrr Sambrook noted that it tastes better than the cakes for sale in stores, however, it is not better than his mother’s in law. One follower said that he will not get the citizenship until he will manage to also cook sarmale ( stuffed cabbage rolls). Adam Sambrook, however, he took the challenge so we might expect him to update us on his cooking skills pretty soon. Another follower stated that the ultimate test for receiving the citizenship is if one eats sunflower seeds to which the ambassador stated that he has a limit which he will not cross.

Adam Sambrook has been a vice-ambassador to Romania since 2014. He has studied philosophy at King’s College and also at Cambridge University. He is married to a Romanian woman who is originally from Cluj and they have one child together.


source: greatnews








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