Free IT school opens in Bucharest

Good news for those who are looking to get into the field of IT. A free IT school has just opened in Bucharest. The school is called Academy Plus and it is functioning with the help of several private companies.

The school will teach 140 students in 6-9 months. The teaching style will be mostly based on practice and teamwork. Moreover, the school also has mentors which help the IT students to prepare and educate themselves according to the demands of the market.

Daniela Buscan, the director of Academy Plus stated

The role of the mentors is to help students advance as fast and as appropriate as possible, but, at the same time, another role is to show them the values of their companies, their work methods and their types of projects. Romania currently has a deficit in the IT industry of 50,000 specialists. By getting companies directly involved in the process of educating the future IT professionals, we have the opportunity to reduce this deficit and train the future specialists in accordance with the market demands.

Academy+Plus already has another programming school in Cluj-Napoca which they have opened in 2014. Already it has trained 198 students and 110 of them have found jobs in the IT sector.



source: romania insider






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