Romanian inventor part of team of inventors working to create the train of the future

A train of the future is currently in the works. And if the project succeeds, we will be able to travel 500 kilometers in 30 minutes. That’s roughly the distance between Los Angeles and San Francisco, or Baia Mare and Bucharest. Seems unrealistic? Not so much, when you think that Elon Musk has taken over this project.

Musk has also included in his team a Romanian, Denis Tudor. Originally Denis Tudor is from Mangalia and he is only 23 years old. Why would Elon Musk choose such a young person? Well, Denis has studied at the Electronics faculty in Bucharest and is doing now a Master degree at the Polytechnic University in Lausanne, Switzerland. He managed to get into Elon Musk’s team after participating in a competition where over 2,000 teams have participated in. All teams included students from the best universities in the world. It just happens that Denis was on the winning team.  Thus, Denis is now participating in creating the Hyperloop, the train of the future.

In an interview with Pro TV, Denis stated that Hyperloop is a concept with two parts. One has a void tube and a capsule that circulates in the void tube. The capsule will not touch the earth, but it will levitate above an aluminum track. It is similar to a racket in a void tube.

Right now, there are 100 members from 14 countries that participate in this project. So far, thanks to crowdfunding they have managed to raise 300,000 dollars. The train will be tested in January and they are hoping to reach 1,200 kilometers per hour. The team has built a one-kilometer track on which they are going to test the tube. If everything goes well, they will do another test at the Spacex in Los Angeles.

Denis Tudor stated that he came up with the idea from Henri Coanda, a Romanian inventor who actually created a project for a tubular train in the 1970’s. The train was supposed to have a 500-kilometer speed and it was tested in 1974 but apparently, the Romanian authorities gave up on the project. Coanda originally has proposed levitation on air pillows, however, the project uses electromagnetic levitation. At the time of the testing, in the 1970’s the train only managed to reach 30 km per hour. If the train of the future is built, Denis Tudor says it will have a Romanian flag on it.



source: pro tv







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