14 year old volunteer boy teaches children from poor families

More and more children are starting to volunteer and they are learning the benefits of volunteering. Tudor Vartic is one boy who found satisfaction in helping children for example. He is only 14 years old but he is helping students with different school subjects, such as Maths, Romanian and English language. For three hours every Saturday he helps children from families with financial difficulties at the Educational Centre Save the Children Romania in Bucharest.

Since he started volunteering two years ago Tudor has helped 10 children to improve their school grades. Tudor is currently studying at the London Theoretical Highschool in Voluntari. Tudor said that when he volunteers he feels really good. He believes volunteering helps him develop his teaching skills and now he wants to become a professor when he’ll grow up.

His mother as well is volunteering with teaching children from primary schools, while Tudor is helping older children ( classes 5-8). Unfortunately, some of the children from the center do not even attend school because they cannot afford. Although he is not a qualified teacher, Tudor manages to help children with his own knowledge and when he cannot answer questions he goes home and researchers on the subject.

Tudor is hoping to continue his studies in IT and then to become a teacher when he will grow up. Marcel Bartic, the director of the London Theoretical highschool says that Romanian schools do not care much about volunteering but they care more about competitions, Olympiads, and grades. He says that these are great things to focus on, however, these things do not help with education. Volunteering would help the educational system because students would develop in a better way.



source- adevarul







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