20 beautiful photos that show the magic of Christmas in Romania

Christmas is that magical time of the year when we gather together and spend quality time, share presents and enjoy traditions.  Christmas in Romania, though it is more special and more different. We have beautiful Christmas markets, carol singers, amazing food and so many traditions! We have compiled here 20 photos of Christmas in Romania.

  1. Christmas in the center of Cluj-Napoca

Photo by Cosmin Silaghi

2.Dance academy Dan Mihai Petre

Photo source:instagram 

3. Christmas in Bucharest

source photo: instagram


4. Christmas in Bucegi

photo source: instagram

5.Bucium, Iasi

Photo by Alexandru Dragan

6.Maramures- preparing Christmas foods

photo by Mariana Scubli

7.Christmas carol singers

Photo source: instagram

8.Snow sledging

Photo source: instagram

9. Spending Christmas at a Cabin Gradistei Gorges is a great idea!

photo source: cheile gradistei

10. A deer in the woods

photo by Zoltan Kalmar

11.Peles castle

photo by @alisaanton


12.Bran castle

Photo by @aworldtravel


13. Sambata mountain cabin

Photo by @alexbulgariu

14. The Transfagarasan road

Photo by @calinstan


15.Parang mountains

Photo by @laurentiugalatan


16. Vladeasa mountain

Photo by @ichimcornel


17. Sighisoara medieval town

Photo by @stefandorian

18. Steam train in Viseul de Sus, Maramures

Photo by @andreeadenisa27

 19. Colibita, Bistrita- Nasaud
Photo by dumitruraulv
20. Piatra Singuratica
photo by greeg005





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