Meet Mihai Enache, the youngest teacher in Romania

He is only 14 years old and he is already helping many children. Mihai Enache is in the 8th grade and he has been teaching IT and programming to other children.

Mihai is studying at the primary school but at the same time, he teaches IT at the Step IT Academy which is a private school that focuses on IT.

In an interview with digi24, Mihai said that he loves it when he sees that children understand what he teaches and as well, they managed to practice what he teaches. He noted that he has learned how to teach, how to explain things to other people and as well how to be patient.

But how did Mihai learn IT? It is incredible, but Mihai learned to programming by himself watching youtube videos. He also knows C++ and HTML and he is able to speak English fluently. Not only he teaches IT but he also teaches modeling and 3D printing. As well, this year he has created his first game which was uploaded to a US platform and it has already been downloaded 220,000 times.

In the future Mihai wants to study at the Tudor Vianu IT national college in Bucharest.











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