The Romanian twin architects who design futuristic buildings

You’ve probably heard about intelligent houses, futuristic transportation and also futuristic airports. What you didn’t know is that some of these ideas are transformed into reality by two Romanian twin brothers.

Max and Daniel Zielinski are two architects who were born in Bucharest and now they live in London. The two men have become passionate about architecture since they were children, as their parents who were architects usually let them play around with their projects.

They have moved to London 9 years ago to work with one of the most famous architecture firms in the world, a company that has 200 architects in 44 countries from around the world. The twins, who are the youngest partners of the company, have created amazing projects in different countries such as China, the Gulf countries, and the US. They have also helped build the Apple center in Cupertino, California, US, which will be larger than the Pentagon building and it is estimated to cost 160 million dollars. The twins have participated as well in redesigning the Mexico City airport, which will be finalized in 2020.

Recently, Max and Daniel Zielinski have been awarded the best architects in the UK and they have been praised for many of their creations, including a very special project for a modular building on the moon. They have stated that they have been working with NASA to build a simple modular living unit by using 3D printing. The unit would be built with materials that can be found on the moon, such as moon dust which would be 3D printed.

source : pro tv

source photo: ribaj






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