“Donate winter clothes, take one if you need” Cluj priest sets up a Free Clothes Hanger project

While December has brought plenty of snow in Romania, January, as usual, will come with the usual freezing weather, in some areas of Romania the temperature will go down to -20 or even lower in places such as Miercurea Ciuc, the coldest place in Romania.

Thankfully, some people have thought about the people that have less and have to endure the cold. A priest has repeated the same charity act as last year and he has left some clothes’ hangers on the fence of the Unitarian church in Cluj-Napoca.

The hangers are there for people to leave winter clothes they do not need or want anymore and the clothes will be there for anyone who needs them. Racz Norbert, the 34-year old priest said in an interview with Actualuldecluj.ro that he calls the project The Free Hanger.

The project has been a success at least last year when it started, as in only one day over a hundred clothes were donated and also picked up.

The priest was asked if he believes that some people will take the free clothes and sell them at the flea market. He stated that he is hoping this will not happen. He saw people getting the clothes off the hanger but they were older people. The priest came up with this idea when he saw that several towns have done this in the past to help people during the winter. He thought that it is a very simple idea and for which you do not need any funds. The priest also thought about helping the homeless by giving them a warm meal in the church council room.


source: hotnews.ro








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