Romania, one of the largest producers of prunes, corns and nuts in the EU

Romania is a leader in many sectors, according to the new statistics published by Eurostat. Research shows that our country is a leader in prune production and it is the second largest European producer of corn and nuts.

In addition, Romania is the 6th largest producer of cereal in the EU, after France, Germany, Poland, Spain and the UK. We produce around 22 million tons of cereal.

Moreover, a quarter of Romanians work in agriculture, which is the largest number of employees working in this field in the EU. Romania represents 5,3% from the EU surface and 3,8% if the EU population. More statistics show that a Romanian generates only 250 kilograms of waste every year, which is the lowest quantity of waste per person in Europe. Moreover, 75% of Romania’s export go to EU countries, while 77% of Romania’s imports come from this EU area.

Another research states that 24,8% out of the total energy that is used in the country is renewable energy and Romania and Croatia’s population pay the lowest electrical energy price in the EU, which is 12 euros per 100 kWh. In addition, if you felt like there are too many unemployed people in Romania you were mistaken, as the employment rate is 4,9% while in the EU this is 7,4 %.



photo: agricol








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