Romanian living in the UK donates 70,000 euros to Calarasi hospital

Romanians that have left the country never forget where they came from and many of them besides sending money back to their relatives, try to help their former local communities. One of them is Marius Caprila who currently lives in England.

Mr Caprila came back to Romania to donate several items ot the Emergency Hospital in Calarasi. He has donated 70,000 euros which were used to buy several useful things such as  15 pediatric beds from Malvestio Italia, 22 saloon beds with lateral protections from Malvestio Italy, 22 bed stands , 4 treatment tables, 4 changing tables, 1 vein transluminator, 15 perfusion tables, 1 secretion aspirator, 2 blood tension systems, 2 heart pulse measurers, 2 thermometers, 1 aerosol machine.



source: Marius Caprila









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