Sergiu Pasca: a Romanian professor who researches autism at Standford university

Many Romanians who went abroad have managed to build great careers in diverse fields. One of them is Sergiu Pasca, who is a neuroscience doctor at Standford. Mr. Pasca,36 years old is currently working to create special medicine that can ameliorate or heal autism and other similar illnesses. After 3 years of activity, Pasca has made a discovery that can help understand what causes autism.


The Romanian doctor has his own laboratory where he has managed to create something quite amazing: he has created artificial brain portions from skin cells. While it is estimated that it will take some time until researchers will improve the performance of neurons, Pasca has still contributed to developing different research methods of studying the brain.

In an interview with Pro TV, Sergiu Pasca was asked why his research is important. He noted that currently research has reached the stage in which they are able to recreate in the laboratory a piece of brain for any individual. These brain cells are created with the purpose of understanding what goes wrong in the brain.

So far, the researchers have created the cerebral cortex, where the cognitive function is localized and it has 6 layers which are inhibitory neurons. Pasca said that they have had results at rare forms of autism which means that these processes can be altered.

He says that in the future it is possible that a pill to be created for this illness and that some forms of autism can be reversed.

Pasca has graduated from the Medicine University in Cluj and he has chosen to continue his research in Standford.





source: protv







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