Romanians in Germany form association to help immigrants integrate

The Romanian community in Germany has formed yet another association that helps newcomers integrate into the German community and helps them with diverse problems.

The association was established in Landshut, where there is a large Romanian population. The association was created by the German-Romanian society for Integration and Immigration in Munchen at the initiative of the Landshut locals.

The local authorities are also happy about this initiative and the members of the association have been invited to run for the local elections of the Migration Council.Laura Cozma, the member of the council together with Sevghin Mayr, the president of the organization have already met with the locals and they have established that Dorith Wegmann and Anda Lupusor will be the coordinators of the Landshut association. The objectives of the association will be to integrate newcomers, to promote Romanian identity, culture and traditions, to promote Romanian language and to a favorable intercultural climate.










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