Romanian community in Belgium help desperate ill young woman

The Romanian expat community has proved many times that they care for each other by organizing associations, volunteering and giving free advice to newcomers.

An interesting case is that of Alina, a young woman suffering from cancer. The woman had to travel to Belgium with his mother to be treated. She was helped to travel by a group of Romanians and has reached the hospital right on New Year’s Eve. Unfortunately, Alina could not speak French, nor could her mother, so she had to ask for help.

As epochtime-romania notes, it only took 30 minutes to find someone to help her. Vlad Voiculescu, the former minister has asked for help on his Facebook page and fast enough two Romanian women who live in Belgium- Anca and Daria have volunteered to help her. The two young women gave up on their New Years’ Eve plans and traveled to the hospital to help Alina.

Daria Parvu noted that she realized that she can help her community. She said that she is aware one day she might need help and someday maybe someone will be kind enough to use their time helping.

Besides Anca and Daria, other Romanians offered accommodation for Alina’s mother and offered to drive her back to the hospital.


source; epochtimes









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