Romanian boy becomes Germany’s best table tennis player in his age category

Little Fabio has been in Germany for only 3 years and he has already become famous in Germany. The boy has immigrated with his parents years ago leaving behind his family and friends in Solca village, Suceava county.

Since he was in Romania, Fabio Zelici had found a passion in table tennis. He has continued his hobby in Germany, where he lived in the little town of Bad Driburg with his family. His mother stated that it was a hard time for the boy as he did not understand why they had to move from the country.

The family has encouraged him to develop his table tennis abilities and they have signed him up for a table tennis course where he could make some friends.  His older sister, Nicoleta has always encouraged him and came with him to the training. In 2 year, the amazing Fabio has become the national champion of Germany at table tennis for his age category.

His sister said that the boy has started to make friends, he learned the language and now he is in the newspapers all the time. Moreover, a photo with Fabio was designated the Sports photograph of 2018. The photo was taken by Bernard Muller and it was voted by the German population.












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