Valcele water- the only medicinal healing water in Romania

Since the oldest times, people have been visiting natural springs and baths to cure themselves of diseases, to release themselves from stress and to enjoy themselves the natural healing waters.

This tradition continues today, especially in Romania, where there are many spa towns where people can bathe themselves in lakes, thermal springs and can drink natural healing waters. One of the most valuable mineral waters from Europe is in fact in Romania. Precisely, in Covasna county. Here there are over 1,000 mineral water springs. The waters are used in some areas as cures for diseases and it seems that each spring of water has a different taste but it also has a different mineral content and different medicinal properties.

A unique spring can be found in Valcele where the water has a high magnesium content. This is of 335 mg/l. This high content means that the body can assimilate magnesium, with 50% more than it is asimilated from drugs and foods.This healing water has been known to the Romans as well, who used to exploit it for their health. They have named the water Colonia Aquarium Vivarum. This is the only medicinal mineral water in Europe and the fourth of its kind in the world.

The water can be used to heal several diseases and it is a good for patients to use when recovering after a diseasse. It is also good in indigestions, stomach diseases, hepatites, osteoroporosis.







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