Gheorghe Dican, the creator of the largest strained-glass dome in Romania

At the Antim Ivireanul council library in Ramnicu Valcea, there is an unusual decorative element: the largest strained-glass window dome in Romania and possibly in the world.

The window was created by Gheorghe Dican. The Romanian artist has created this strained-glass window on the roof. The library building is a clone of the Pitesti building. This was modified by the artist and now the window occupies the whole roof. It is composed of 86 modules on a surface of 142 mp and it is located at 30 meters height from the foundation of the building.

The colored glass is painted manually with lead fixtures. The artist has bought all the materials himself and it has cost 30,000 dollars. According to him, there is one more strained-glass window in the world, in Belgium. This one, however, was built on a flat surface.

The window has 12 compositions with different types of writing such as Phenician, Persian, cuneiform and demotic. The window also comes together to show the shape of the Earth with its median lines and also earth, fire, earth, and water.


source: adevarul










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