A team of researchers led by a Romanian is creating the car that can read your thoughts

Brand new inventions, among which a system that connects that brain to the car will be presented at the largest technological festival in the world, the CES2018.

The invention was created by a team of researchers led by a Romanian man. His name is Lucian Gheorghe and he is a senior researcher at the Nissan innovation department.  He is 40 years old and he is a doctor of neurological technology, which translates into using computers to think like humans think. His team has been working on the Brain-to-Vehicle platform, B2V. The platform reads the driver’s thoughts in order to make driving more interesting and interactive.

At CES 2018 Nissan will also demonstrate how this IMx concept functions. The system reads and interprets the cerebral signals and transmits them in order to control the acceleration, the direction and the break before the driver can act on the car. The reading time takes 0,2 -0,5 seconds.

Although the team led by the Romanian engineer is trying to create a driverless car, Lucian Gheorghe stated that there is a future for manual driving because humans should not lose the pleasure of driving.









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