Romanian students win second place at NASA competition

Once again, a group of Romanian students has managed to bring home excellent results from a competition. A team formed of four students from the Banat National college in Timisoara has won the second place in the NASA competition.

The contest was organized this year in Boston and two teams of 12 students from Timisoara have participated in the finals of the competition on January 11-12. One team has won the second place.

The students said

Today, our dreams were fulfilled. We have done something that some students our age only dream of. After two months of working, the code written by us together with our team members from America and Italy has been applied on the International Space Station. We have also managed to excel in this competition and we ended up on the second place. As well, we have met important personalities in the field of science which are a source of inspiration for us and for many people from around the world. We had the pleasure of listening to Steve Swanson, one of the astronauts who has been on the 40th mission to the International Space Station.


 The finals of the competition consisted of programming sphere robots which were placed on the International Space Station and which were controlled from Earth in real time. The finals consisted of 2D and 3D simulations.


source: mediafax






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