Record number of tourists at Turda salt mine in 2017

It has become widely known around the world thanks to many viral videos and now Salina Turda has become popular with tourists as well.

For example in 2017, over 600,000 people have visite the four salt mines. According to statistics, most tourists come from Hungary, Poland, Israel and Spain. The salt mine will now be developed and another mine will be open. The Iosif mine is 110 metres depth and after its opening, the capacity will also double.

Cornelia and Marius Danciu, the architects that have created the vision of Salina salt mine, stated that they have created plans for the Iosif mine which will mean the developing of six more levels. Once this will be finished that mine will be extended from 3,000 square meters to 8,000 square meters. The six levels will have a conference room, an aerosols treatment center, a sports field. The levels will be reachable through a central elevator.

The Turda salt mine was closed for exploitation in 1932 and it opened for tourists in 1992.


source: actualdecluj









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