Romania wins second place at the International Robot-Sumo tournament

The Flex team has won the second place in the All Japan Robot Sumo Tournament competition. The Romanian team has participated in the contest with their own autonomous robot called Cheetah.

Cheetah is practically an autonomous electric miniature car. It is made of aluminum, titanium and carbon fiber. It was created to prevent attacks and to eliminate the competitionțs robot form the ring.

Adrian Gaspar, one of the founders of the Flex team said that it has taken a lot of work to create four robots for this competition and a lot of money. Moreover, the engineer said that without the help of private sponsors the team wouldn’t have had the chance to become European championships and world vice-championships.. The robots have fought other robots from Turkey, Poland, Japan, and Egypt.

The Flex team has previously won the second place at the European cybernetic security championships. The 13 members of the team are Adrian Gaşpar, Andreea Beciu, Bogdan Istrate, Teodor Roşca, Cristina Teodorescu, Maria Laura Nichifor, Marius Gîbu, Ovidiu Marius Alexandru, Robert Coţofana, Suzana Neacşu, Andrei Kovari, Mircea Zamfira and Andrei Tudor.

120 robots from 25 countries have participated in this competition. As well, other 3 teams from Romania have participated in this competition: Evo Robotics from Bucharest, Balmotus and Specular from Cluj-Napoca.


source: agerpres







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