Kira Hagi awarded Best Actress at Los Angeles Film Awards

Gheorghe Hagi’s children have made a name of their selves in their own fields. His daughter, Kira Hagi who is now an actress and producer has already received recognition by receiving two awards at the Los Angeles Film Awards, the December edition.

Kira was awarded for her role in the Fragile movie with an Inspiring Woman in a Film award and she has also received an Honorable Mention: Indie film award together with Camila Mejia Duque. The Fragile movie was also written by Kira Hagi and it focuses on the story of a girl who starts vlogging while working for Hollywood.

Jena Vincentelli, the jury president of the festival stated:

Very interesting performance for this talented young actress. Kira gives an outstanding performance in a challenging one-person show.

Kira Hagi said she felt blessed to have had an amazing crew during the filming of the movie.  The festival awards movies every month through private screening and it is an IMDb film competition for international filmmakers.


source: romania insider







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