Amazing Romanian young man donates his liver to save girl’s life

An amazing young man has saved a young woman’s life by donating his liver. Romeon Kulcsar, 24 years old, from Tasnad, has found that a young woman who he didn’t know was suffering from autoimmune hepatic cirrhosis. The 23-year-old young woman from Chereusa, Satu Mare county was in desperate need of a liver transplant.

Anett was suffering from the disease due to the fact that she inherited a liver dead cell.  Romeo was visiting his hometown, as he now lives in Denmark where he also works.

Romeo heard about her story and wanted to help, but he did not know if his liver was compatible. Nevertheless, he offered to help.  He was not aware if his blood is compatible with hers but he also offered to do that. For a few months he visited many hospitals for testing and it seemed that the two young people matched.

The surgery took place a few days ago in Bucharest and it has been a success.


Romeo said that when it’s about saving lives you should not sit and calculate how much courage you have. He said he did it because he wanted to help and nobody forced him to do this. He said that if it was him in her place, he would have loved if somebody jumped to help him.



source: adevarul






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