11 year old boy from Targu Jiu returns found wallet with cash inside

What would you do if you found a wallet full of money? Most people would probably keep the money. However, an 11-year-old student from Targu-Jiu has decided to return the money to his teacher.

Gabriel Stan, who is currently in the 5th grade at the Saint Nicholas primary school in Targu Jiu was going to school when he found a wallet full of money, credit cards and documents in a neighborhood.

He took the wallet to school and gave it to his teacher, without opening the wallet. The teacher has announced the school management who called the police. Luckily, the owner of the wallet was found. Nicoleta Sopanda, his teacher was very proud of his student and said that these type of gestures are quite rare.

She said

While going to school the student found a wallet in the CAM neighbourhood. When he arrived to school he came straight to me and told me he found the wallet and that he did not open it. The wallet had money, an ID and cards. I went straight to the principal who called the police. The owner got his wallet back and thanked the child. This is a really good deed for an 11-year-old child. He proved his honesty and this is thanks to his parents and the school. I haven’t met this type of situation for a long time. We still have well-educated children. I ‘ve been 30 years in the education field and these type of things are rare.


source: adevarul






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