On Union Day, a 100 metre long flag will be displayed in Timisoara city centre

Today, on Little Union day, Timisoara will celebrate it in an unusual day. In the city centre, people will be able to admire a 100 metres length flag.

The event is called ” Let’s hold hands” and all locals and of course tourists are invited to celebrate the Union of the Principalities. The event starts at 4 o’clock at the Opera Square. Everyone present at the event will receive a Romanian flag bracelet as a symbol of national unity.


The Union of the Principalities took place on 24th of January 1859 and it united Moldavia and Wallachia. At that moment Alexandru Ioan Cuza was elected as a ruling prince ( domnitor) of both principalities. On 5th of January 1859 he was elected as a prince of Moldova and on 24th of January, 1859 as a ruler of Wallachia. The Romanian United Principalities formed and in 1866 the country received the name of Romania.



source: tion.ro






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