Police officers save sparrow hawk from death

It’s good to know that police officers care not only about people but also about animals. Recently, two police officers who work for the traffic department found a prey bird on the A1 highway. The bird was nearly dead and was lying near the highway, close to Remetea Mare.

The police officers inspected the bird and realised that she was sick and was not trying to fly. They decided to take the bird to the Agriculture and Veterinary medicine university in Timisoara. The doctors realized it is a Eurasian sparrowhawk. The bird usually feeds itself with chickens and pigeons. The specialists noted that the bird is not sick but it was extremely dehydrated and hungry.

The university is now looking for an association that protects animals so they can care for the hawk and then to releases to hawk back into the wilderness. If no association is found the university will continue to care for the hawk and then release it. The hawk is currently protected by law.










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