A group of young people from Satu Mare help repair and restore orphan house

Several young people from Satu Mare have raised money to help improve the living conditions of 10 orphans.

The Stefania family building where the orphans lived had several problems, as the roof was severely damaged and it was leaky. The association was considering moving the children somewhere else. This is when the young people from Rotaract Satu Mare have decided to come and help them. They have raised money from several companies and people who wanted to donate.

They have managed to get also free construction materials and paint and a company from Satu Mare has also provided the workers who fixed the roof.

Cristian Pasca, the representative of the Rotaract youth group said

We have decided to rehabilitate the roof of the orphan children’s house.  The materials cost us 57,500 lei, money that we raised from people and companies who sponsored us and money which were used to pay the construction materials and the labor.

After finishing with the roof, the young volunteers have decided to also help with improving things inside, such as to paint the house and to strengthen the structure of the building. The project was a success and now the children have better living conditions.





source: presasm.ro






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