Hundreds of people gather to watch Horia Colibasanu’s movie about his Everest ascent

Alpinists are frequently in the news, but who knew they are so popular? Horia Colibasanu has proved that climbing has become quite a phenomenon when he presented his movie about his ascent to Everest mountain in 2017.

The movie was shown at the West University in Timisoara. The large room where it was presented became quickly cramped with people, some sitting on chairs, some standing and some waiting outside in the hallway. The audience was filled with people passionate about climbing and mountain sports and also by people who just love Horia Colibasanu.

Horia Colibasanu on Everest

The movie was filmed by Horia Colibasanu and is 35 minutes long. Horia noted that it was a hard work to film at an 8,000 meters altitude. The climber has used a Lumix Panasonic and also a GoPro. The climber also told the audience what problems he had during his trip and how he managed to solve them. It was the first time for a Romanian to climb the Everest and Horia received a message and congratulations from the president while he was still at the camp. He was also awarded the Romanian Star Order by the president.


Horia plans this year to climb the Himalayas again, however using a new route, depending on what is happening in Nepal and which routes are accessible this year.


source: adevarul








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