A successful campaign: Over 100,000 people donate towards the building of a children oncology hospital

When civil society gets together to achieve something great, most of times they achieve something greater. This was one of those times, as more than 100,000 people have donated over 4 million euros towards the building of an oncology and pediatric radiotherapy hospital.

The Give Life association who created this campaign noted that in only 3 weeks they have raised over 4 million euros. This is a record sum, as no other NGO in Romania has managed to raise so much money.

Unfortunately, due to change in laws, this has been the last year for companies that have under a million euro profit to be able to donate 20% of the profit tax towards an NGO project. For this reason, the association has asked for help and over 1,200 companies have also become founders of the first Children Oncology hospital in Romania.

Many people have also donated through SMS through an online platform that raises money and some people have transferred money from abroad. The association said that the government hasn’t built any pediatric oncologic hospitals in the last 50 years and for this reason, the association has asked people for help. Right now there is no children hospital that is able to ensure everything a child needs such as intensive therapy, surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy.

The association has worked hard and it has managed to get all the permits for the construction of the hospital. The construction works have already started. The hospital will be located next to the Marie Curie hospital in Bucharest.
If you live in Romania you can still donate 2% of your profit tax towards the Give Life Association or you can donate directly to bursadefericire.ro/investeste


source: agerpres.ro







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