Homeless women to receive special gifts on March 8 thanks to project organised by two Romanian women

A lovely new project has been created with the purpose of helping poor women to celebrate March 8 in a better way.

Irina Vasilescu and Alexandra Tanase have initiated the #PeStop project which aims to help women who live on the street. The two activists have done their research and they have walked on the streets of Bucharest and talked to women to find out what they need when they are in their monthly period.

During their walk in January, they have also given special packages with female sanitary products. They thought that it is better to give more useful gifts rather than flowers and candy. Irina and Alexandra said that homeless women were very grateful and they told them many stories and that these are products that they really need. This is a real problem, especially because they do not have a home or money and the monthly menstruation adds to their problems in relation to health and hygiene.

Irina and Alexandra now are asking people to donate money towards these sanitary products instead of giving away flowers and martisor brooches. Their purpose is to give these products to women in certain areas of Bucharest, such as the North Railway Station, Ferentari neighborhood and to the night refuge on Odai street.

The women want also to buy disinfectant gel, tissues, and intimate wipes.




the association’s project:sprijina.ro






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