Inspiring 16 year old student teaches poor children in Teleorman county in her spare time

Many positive things have been happening in Romania and it is quite visible that many young people start to understand the benefits of volunteering- helping other, learning a craft and earning experience.

Recently, presented the case of Eliza Neag, a 16-year-old girl who is teaching English to children in a village, in Teleorman county. She is only 16 years old and she has already won the National English Olympiad and religion olympiad.

The girl, who is studying at the Alexandru Ioan Cuza national college in Alexandria travels every weekend to a village to help children in social centers learn English. The centers are coordinated by Bogdan and Florin Danu, two priests who work in two different churches in two different locations.

Eliza has started teaching here after talking with Denisa Bularda. Denisa was an English teacher who was helping the children with their language skills for over a year. She decided she wanted to help after following the priest’s social projects on Facebook. She used to donate towards his projects and then she decided to offer to help in her own way. The priest was making sure that the children have one hot meal a day, then Denisa was teaching them English. She said that you have to help the community not only by feeding them but also by teaching them.

Their purpose now is to teach older children who can then teach younger children. This way the whole community gets together to improve their lives.




source: pressone






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