Beard Brothers charity group donates 30,000 euros worth of medical devices to Cluj Burn Center

A group of volunteers who call themselves the Beard Brothers have helped the Cluj Burn Center get two special devices.

The group is formed mainly of men that have beards, but many other non-bearded volunteers often help with their charitable activities. At the moment the group is organizing 11 fundraising campaigns. One of them was focused on helping the Burn center in Cluj.

Cornel Hoza, the Beard Brothers president noted that their target was to raise 30,000 euros for buying these two devices. The two devices are going to be very helpful and the doctors at the hospital were enthused by the campaign. The devices have the capacity to harvest skin and to stretch skin for patients affected by serious burns.

Lucian Fodor, a surgeon at the Cluj municipal hospital noted that they have an old device which most of the time was broken. For this reason, many times surgeries were postponed.

So, how did they manage to get so much money? Cornel Hoza noted that they went in the streets to raise money and they talked to companies.

Beard Brothers are now working on a new project, which is to restore one floor of the Pediatric Clinic in Cluj-Napoca.

source: observatortv

Beard brothers facebook page: BeardBrothers







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