Romania wins the European Table Tennis Championships

The amazing Bernadette Szocs has won the European table tennis championships this year.
Szocs had a tough competition, as 16 table tennis athletes from European countries have fought each other. In fact, Bernadette has only lost one set, managing to beat Tatian Bilenjo from Ukraine, with 4-0, Georgina Pota from Hungary with 4-0 and Matilda Ekholm from Sweden with 4-0. In the finals, Szocs has won against Jie Li from the Netherlands with 4-1.
It is also important to highlight that another Romanian tennis player has won the third place. Elizabeta Samara has beaten Ekholm with 4-2. So far, in the history of the competition, Romania had several winners: Olga Nemes in 1983, Emilia Ciosu in 1993 and Otilia Badescu in 1995. In total Romania has won 4 gold medals, 4 silver medals, and 7 bronze medals.
 Last year the Romanian team also won the European Championships.









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