Parents who have children in Cluj hospitals to receive free accommodation

Parents with financial difficulties will be able to stay with their children while they are treated in Cluj-Napoca hospitals. This is all due to an NGO who has managed to create free accommodation for families who need to travel to Cluj.

The Life Education For All will also offer accommodation in return for a small price to families who earn more than 3,000 lei per family.

The home will be able to accommodate maximum six people at the same time and for two hours they are able to use the washing machine and to cook for their children.

Every year, 30,000 children are confined in hospitals and almost 40% of the children in the six pediatric hospitals need rehabilitation and are in need of medical recovery. They usually have to stay in hospitals for a week and six months. Around 25%  of these children live outside the city and many of them come from very poor families.

Most of them have to come weekly or monthly to medical checks and treatments. Hospitals in Cluj, unfortunately, do not have accommodation for parents, although according to the law they should provide a place to sleep for one parent at least. Usually, parents have to sleep in the same bed with their children and they don’t have where to wash their clothes or to have a rest. As well, most parents cannot afford to stay in a hotel and they feel bad to leave their children alone in the hospital.








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