Romanian woman living in Germany helps poor children in Chiesd commune

A Romanian woman who lives in Germany is spending her time helping the poor from her own Romanian hometown.

Petruta-Ramona Bauer from Zalau has lived in Chiesd, Romania. However, she moved to Germany and she has lived there for 14 years where she works in a shop and where she has a family. According to, Petruta said that she is not rich, however, she has the basics- food, a home, and clothes.  The woman decided to start helping poor people after seeing a desperate call for help on Facebook. She said that many people have jumped to help the poor family and so she decided to continue with her charity work.

She really wanted to help her hometown so she reached out to an old friend who lives in Sighetu Silvaniei and works  as a social asistant. She asked her if she knows any family that has financial problems.


Petruta found out about a family with four children who live in a house without electricity. The six members of the family live together in one room and the children were doing their homework at the light of a candle. Petruta talked to the mayor and found out that they needed 800 euros to solve the electricity problem.

Petruta also visited the family on Easter and brought them food and sweets. She saw the living conditions of the family and decided that they needed more help. She asked several charity foundations from Germany to raise the money. Thus, they managed to bring electricity to their house. Petruta went on to help more people in the village, such as the children from the local kindergarten by bringing them school supplies, food, toys, and sweets. As well, she has managed to bring a wheelchair to the local medical center.











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