Free digital courses for women in Bucharest this month

A great new project aims to help women learn how to use computers. The courses are aimed at any girls or women from social groups that are considered disadvantaged, such as those with a low level of education, unemployed women, Roma women.


The activities are organized by the Centre for Equality in Bucharest at the Stela and Dana community centre on Salaj road 286. There will be groups of 10 people who will learn for 2 hours a day for a month.

Women will learn how to use a computer and a tablet, such as how to write a text in Word, how to print a document, how to use email and how to use the internet.

The workshops’ purpose is to grow confidence in computer skills and to help women get and keep a job. They will also be taught how to use a CV, how to prepare for an interview. The women will be able to use the computers and the printer to search for jobs and to practice their skills even after finishing the course.


source: Centrul parteneriat pentru egalitate









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