Romanian women artists celebrated at special event in Sibiu

Romanian women artists were celebrated on Saturday in Sibiu. A special event called Women’s Centenary in Romanian Arts was organized at the Brukhenthal National Museum in Sibiu and 1060 women visual artists were honored.

The purpose of the event was to showcase authentic creations that belong to contemporary Romanian women artists. Creations such as memorable artifacts, art catalogs, digital archives, infographic series and video projections have presented information about more than 1,000 women artists in Romania.

The Postmodernism museum’s purpose is to present artworks and Romanian artifacts from Museum collections and private collections. The exhibit was organized in a historical context which will highlight Romanian cultural values.  As well, a book that presents the latest research on visual arts was available for purchase.

On March 8, PostModernism Museum will move the Women Centenary exhibit to the Brasov Arts Museum. This time the exhibit will focus on women artists from Brasov.








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